The Coastal City of Danang

Mentioning about Danang, you are imagining a beautiful city on the side of Han River, on the coast of the East Sea with its own attractive features which cannot been found in any other cities. 

Nature has been prioritized this city in terms of location which is nearby 3 world cultural heritages of Hue Ancient Capital, Hoian Ancient town and My Son Sanctuary. Thus, the role of Danang in the region is strengthened which is the guests receiving, serving and Transshipment place. Danang is not only the centre of 3 world cultural heritages, but also possessing a lot of wonderful landscapes that seen to be unforgettable for tourists.  
On the road throughout Vietnam, Hai Van Pass is always an impressive address. This is the highest and craggy pass in Vietnam and also the last mountain of Truong Son range of mountains forwarding to the sea. On the peak of the pass, the traces have remained including pass gates and horizontal bulwarks. The gate facing Phu Thua Thien is engraved with 3 words of “Hai Van Quan”. The gate looking to QUang Nam has the words “Thien ha de nhat hung quan” (these are the words that Le Thang Tong king granted when he stopped there for sightseeing).     
From here, on some nice days, tourists can see the whole view of Danang city, Tien Sa Port, Son Tra Peninsular, Cham Island and the long sand beaches embracing the ocean. The assets inherited from nature will become humanitarian values with the hands of mankind. Coming to Hai Van is coming to the land of exchange between two regions, is to pleasing the spirit of height domination and to immerse ourselves in the legendary sounds of ancient Viet people, to sympathy and mourn over the past of a Central part. It’s likely that, anyone who know about Danang, know about Ngu Hanh Son.  
Han River Bridge is the symbol of new spirit, of moving forward desire of the city which is made from the contribution of the people. It seems that all the romantic beauty of Han River is revealed only in the space of Han River Bridge which is full of wind. Han River Bridge not only facilitates transport, tourism, inspires economics potentials of a vast land in the east of the city but also serves as a cultural mark of Danang people sent to their future generations. 

Sea is also the immense inspiration for tourism of Danang. Together with long clean and pretty beaches, Danang is one of the most crowded ports in Vietnam. This city possesses a coastal beach of 30 km long which has long been famous for a number of beautiful beaches including Nam O, Xuan Thieu, Thanh Binh, Tien Sa, Son Tra, My Khe, Bac My An, Non Nuoc, etc,. Sea in Danang has gentle waves with blue clear water all year round without being polluted. Some areas exist corals reefs and various coastal and underwater flora and fauna.