Nha Trang - A Stuning Bay of The World

The world best bays club was established in March 1997 in Berlin (German) with an aim to preserve marine ecology and different tourist activities in the beaches and bays in a stable way. At the second summit of the club took place in Tadousac (Quebec, Cananda) from June 1st to June 8th 2003, Nha Trang Bay was admitted to be the 29th member of the club, the second member of Asia in this club(after Ha Long Bay).
In the early of the last century, Nha Trang city remained a pristine beach with a small fishing village of tens of cottage in Con. The only 2 – floor – house in white is the working place of doctor Alexandre Yersin. People who come here by seaway will see this house first. The name of Nha Trang started from “nhà tr?ng” (white house). 
It’s the explanation of people who admire doctor A. Yersin, a special resident of the city about the name of Nha Trang.however, according to the ancient researchers, on the two side of Cai River, flowing to Cu Huan Estuary, there were luxurious cotton mops, so the river is called Cotton Mp River (in Cham language, it read as yjatran or Ea Tran).
By the time, the name was called off the line as “Nha Trang”. The name of river then was named for the land, the beach embracing and beautifying the land. Surrounded by 19 small and large islands, Nha Trang bay is quite a close bay of around 500 km2 wide without strong wave. Cai River door flows between the two beaches in the shape of half of the moon. Cool and fine sands stretch for 6 or 7km long. Under the sunshine, the green of winding mountains on the shore together with the green islands strengthen the charming beauty of the yellow sand beach with white waves.
In Nha Trang bay, there are almost 10 bird’s net islands. Every year, the activity if bird’s net exploiting gains Khanh Hoa millions of dollar. Under the water of Nha Trang bay, there are another exciting world – the world of 350 species of corals, 190 species of fish, molluscs, crustaceans, seaweed. In December 2000, Hon Mun natural preservation project in Nha Trang Bay – the first preservation area in Vietnam was approved by the Prime minister. 

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